A mortgage is an agreement between a lender and you that gives the lender the right or privilege to take your property if you are unable to repay the money that you have borrowed and the interest.

Published on: 10/21/20, 9:45 PM


Change of Mindsets of People

You must have gotten tired of hearing your parents and teachers asking you not to spend too much time on your smartphone or personal computer. In this pandemic, that has changed, because there is just no other option but to rely on the technology of the 21st century, everything seems easier with technology, after all it was made to ease our workload, but people thought of it as a curse. This pandemic has opened their eyes about how easy and beneficial technology is for us.

Published on: 10/8/20, 4:08 PM
The Way of Learning India is a vast country, with vast languages and vast culture. But the way students learn in India is not vast at all, it is the same all over the country. They all have to make an effort on things on which a normal student should not have to.
Published on: 10/7/20, 3:31 PM
Published on: 10/3/20, 5:24 AM