Best Online Colleges in the US for MBA 2021

Dreamt of studying in your ideal college from an accredited university in the USA? Amidst pandemic, where most colleges have switched to offline mode, students find it challenging to find online colleges in the USA for MBA.

Graduated students can learn a lot and be placed for their dream job if they complete their Master’s in business administration from a renowned foreign university. But not being aware of the online MBA programs in the US could be mind-boggling. Half-baked knowledge is always dangerous, and that is why we have compiled some of the best online MBA programs in 2021 from US universities. Besides this, we have why the US fits your career goals and how it’s a smart move to enroll in the US. Let’s explore everything about online colleges in the US for MBA.


Why should you choose the US for MBA?

In the most developed country of the world, the US has been unarguably the hub of some of the world’s best universities for MBA. among the world-class faculty and robust teaching techniques, universities of the US stand out for their remarkable performance in Business administration.

In the world’s largest economic engine, you would be able to any position you want after completing MBA from a US university. With the highly specialized faculty and among the best students from around the globe, you can learn a lot from the world’s best universities. A student is also allowed to pursue studies that help a student pay its dues as well.

What is the duration of an MBA Course?

A typical MBA  course takes two years to complete, but many online MBA programs let students complete MBA in a shorter time. There is also the availability of a 4+1 MBA program where you would be able to complete an MBA in 1 year after the completion of your Bachelor’s.


Best Online Colleges in the US for MBA 2021

1.    University of Florida:

Traces its root since 1853, University of Florida is a public grant university ranks on 162nd in OS Global World rankings 2021. UF provides you the best online MBA programs with an accelerated timeline of 16-month duration or a full-fledged 2-year course. Students must provide all the prerequisites in the application, such as letters of recommendation, statement of purpose with the previous academic record, and other transcripts.

2.    Florida State University:

Situated in Tallahassee, Florida, Florida State University is one of the oldest universities dedicated to providing robust teaching for years. Florida State University comes at 58th at the best national universities in 2021. You can seek various MBA program choices, such as specializations in business analytics, management information systems, real estate, insurance, etc. Applicants must submit their GMAT or GRE scores.


3.    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Ranked 95 in the OS world rankings, the University of North Carolina is a highly prestigious university with 22,850 students enrolls every year. Students from all around the world apply, making the acceptance rate 45%. Your application should stand out.

Study from the top online MBA programs that fosters leadership through challenging assignments and workshops. You can choose from entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, strategy, consulting, data analytics, among others.

4.    Penn State World Campus:

The Penn State World Campus is highly prestigious and was ranked on No. 8 in 2019 by Financial Times MBA rankings. Students can choose from over 20 MBA inbuilt specialized programs such as business sustainability strategy, corporate innovation, homeland security, and public administration. Learn strategic business management and boost your career with Penn University.

5.    University of South California:

The USC  has been known for its world-class faculty and dedicated professional staff. The USC offers a comprehensive program with a flexible schedule. The degrees teach effective decision-making and a forward mindset for future problems in the business world. With the online live sessions, you would interact with diverse cultured students and work in teams. Applicants need two years of work experience besides their bachelor’s degree.

6.    Babson University:

Among the best private colleges, Babson was established in 1919 with a central idea of fostering entrepreneurship for years now. For every 100 applicants, only 24 are admitted to these colleges, making it difficult to stand out in the application. Make sure that you fulfill all the requirements for GPA, SAT scores, and other miscellaneous components. The interdisciplinary curriculum has a plethora of electives to choose from.

7.    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

The flagship institution brings you a fully online MBA program where students will learn among world-class faculty with guest lectures from renowned personalities sharing their experiences. The comprehensive MBA course will teach you to deal with future practical problems in different fields within MBA. The course is offered in business analytics, value chain management, and entrepreneurship. Applicants need a minimum of 3.0 GPA coupled with an accredited bachelor’s degree.

The Conclusion:

Choose from these 7 best online colleges for MBA in the US. Learn from the best university and get a lifetime opportunity of working in the business hub of the world. We wish best of luck!

Published on: 5/15/21, 10:55 AM
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